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What is offered:

  • CONSULTATIONS: to help you understand what causes your imbalances and un-wellness, give you hope, guidance, and empowering tools.
  • WOMB STEAMING: to heal the Feminine Body, Mind and Spirit. Vibrant Womb teaches an unique method of vaginal steaming that integrates other healing modalities for a complete healing and support of the Womb, Seat of a Woman. The practice of vaginal steaming benefits women all ages, specifically those experiencing fibroids, ovarian cysts, menstrual pain and irregularities, difficulty to conceive, menopause, emotional stagnation, trauma etc…, as well as the New Mothers in need of a restorative approach to balance the postpartum body.
  • COACHING SESSIONS: to help you identify the obstacles in your current situation, and help you take action towards a successful transformative journey.

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