About: My name is Emmanuelle and I am the founder of Vibrant Womb. I was born in Provence – South of France and have been dedicated to Natural Lifestyle, Holistic Health and Healing for more than 25 years. I worked in the beauty industry for many years as a professional esthetician before leaving France to California. I am a mother, healer and holistic health practitioner, consultant and coach.  

I teach self-care and healing modalities to women experiencing womb issues, stress and disconnection to their womb energy. 

Educational Background: I hold qualifications/certifications in Psychology, Cosmetology, Aromatherapy, Naturopathy (Regenerative Detoxification), Acupressure/Reflexology, Childbirth, Womb Health – Womb Steaming (CWSP), Traditional Postpartum Care, and the Energy Healing Arts (Usui Reiki and Energy Medicine).

 I offer services, consultations, coaching and trainings in Culver City, CA, 90230 area and all surrounding areas.

“Know the body that houses your spirit. Know the spirit that rules over matter


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