Founder of Vibrant Womb, Emmanuelle was born in Provence – South of France. She has been dedicated to Natural Living Lifestyle and Holistic Health for more than 25 years, and holds qualifications / certifications in Aromatherapy, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Childbirth, Womb Wellness, and the Healing Arts. Before moving to the USA she graduated in Psychology and worked in the beauty  industry as a Professional Esthetician. She teaches autonomy in health, self-healing, and offers personalized sessions designed to re-harmonize the body systems.

Her {Womb} Story: Emmanuelle reversed conditions allopathic professionals said there was no cure for, besides synthetic treatments or surgery. Diagnosed with early stage of endometriosis and recurrent ovarian cysts in her mid-twenties she found complete healing in botanical medicine (Aromatherapy) within three months, to the astonishment of  her OB/GYN. A decade later she would give birth at age 35, 39 and 42 with no issues. Her last two pregnancies were unassisted and set the tone to her womb calling. After the birth of her third child, she overcame postpartum depression by getting into Energy Healing, Therapeutic Touch, Energy Medicine, Complementary Therapies, Womb Steaming and Traditional Postpartum Care, before founding Vibrant Womb to assist women with womb imbalances. In November 2019 her Faith was tested when she helped her 4 months old puppy recover from parvo infection, challenging the medical prognosis once again. In 2020 she harnessed the Art and Science of Regenerative Detoxification to be able to offer curative healing protocols after experiencing the disappearance of a breast cyst she had had for decades, along with other symptoms of obstruction. 

Her own experiences and successes have led her to embrace an holistic and comprehensive approach to true health and healing. She shares her journey, knowledge and skills to inspire people to transform their health and life. The journey towards a vibrant health and wholeness is worth it.

Visit her website www.vibrantwomb.com

“There is much that cannot be explained,
but nothing that cannot happen.”
Bruno Gröning

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